$100,000 BeyGOOD And Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship Program in partnership with BeyGOOD Foundation is one of Beyoncé’s and Jay Z charitable contributions to encourage exceptional students with huge financial needs throughout their college years.

During Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z OTR II Tour, (through BeyGOOD and the Shawn Carter Foundation) the couple launched a new scholarship program to reward brilliant senior high school students with financial needs awards. Each students will receive a scholarship award of $100,000 in cash to put toward their college enrollment, and the award will serve as a dedicated university-based fund for each selected student throughout the duration of their enrollment in their respective colleges.

The recipients will be selected by Boys and Girls Club of America, in the following OTR II markets: Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Arlington, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, and Seattle.

BeyGOOD Foundation

BeyGOOD is Beyoncé‘s charity initiative, created during the Mrs. Carter World Tour back in 2013. In addition to giving out scholarships award to students, BeyGOOD also works with other local charities to help fund-raise and create awareness for local causes. Her charity has also pledged to help UNICEF bring clean water to an African country [Burundi].

The Shawn Carter Foundation was founded as a public charity in 2003 by Shawn popularly known as “Jay Z” Carter and his mom, Gloria Carter. Since the Foundation’s inception, over $4 million has been raised to support initiatives that empower youth and communities in need. The foundation’s programs offer scholarships, college prep and exposure, international exposure, professional development, and support for community and goodwill initiatives.

Scholarship award is usually $100,000! But the application deadline vary.

For more details and to apply, click here or apply here.

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